Do you write the same genre you read?

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Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby Mira » 09 Dec 2009, 08:33

I'm curious how many people write the same genre that they read for pleasure.

I definitely don't. I read fantasy - adult and YA - funny mysteries and chick lit. I write other genres, like PBs and self-help.

But I absolutely love the genres I read......

Anyone else like this? Or do you tend to write and read the same genre?
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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby Hillsy » 09 Dec 2009, 08:47

Almost exclusively.

I keep tabs on the latest Koontz, and the odd thriller hear and there, but mainly it's Fantasy and Sci-fi all the way (just a shame you can't find good Science Fantasy for love nor money it seems)
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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby taymalin » 09 Dec 2009, 08:48

I definitely write the same genre I read. I'm a huge fan of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, Kim Harrison, Kelly Armstrong and Laurell K. Hamilton--to name a few. I write Urban Fantasy. I've tried other genres, (eg. mainstream, high fantasy, SF, romance), but I don't enjoy those genres as much and it shows in my writing. I'm a big comic book geek too, and UF is the closest genre to comic books I've found, save the media tie-ins--which I also read.

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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby Nathan Bransford » 09 Dec 2009, 09:35

Great question!

I actually don't read very much science fiction these days, and yet I wrote a science fiction novel. Go figure. I read it much more when I was younger though. Mostly I just like reading a little bit of every genre.
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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby Scott » 09 Dec 2009, 09:57

Yeah, very good question. I definitely jump around. If I understand it to be good writing, I'll read it both to enjoy it and in hopes that I'll learn something or that it will affect my writing in a positive way. At the moment I'm working on a Science Fiction Thriller but am reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. Not even on the same far. :)
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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby kelly.morgan » 09 Dec 2009, 10:28

I read all over the place and write almost exclusively fantasy (contemporary, YA, epic, romantic - kind of all over the place there too). Never got into Westerns and SciFi is hit or miss.
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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby bunderful » 09 Dec 2009, 11:31

Yes and no. I write literary fiction, which I also read a lot of.
But I LOVE a great paranormal fantasy novel here and there.
And I love comic fantasy of whatever you'd call Christopher Moore or Terry Pratchett or Jasper Fforde. I would love to be able to write in either one of those genres but I don't think I can - I don't think I'm that funny or imaginative.

- Rena
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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby kristi » 09 Dec 2009, 11:31

I read across a variety of genres, including a lot of literary fiction, but write urban fantasy YA (and the occasional PB).
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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby Polenth » 09 Dec 2009, 14:04

Mostly. I write fantasy and science fiction. I often read those too (though I do read other stuff). The main difference is I read a lot more children's fiction than I write (which may well change one day, as I'd like to write children's books too).
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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby Jakob Barnard » 09 Dec 2009, 14:14

Good question!

I would have to say yes as well. I read primarily fantasy and scifi. Those are the genres I know and love, so the book I am working on editing for submission right now is fantasy. Though I have a scifi one in the planning stages as well.
Jakob Barnard
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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby marilyn peake » 09 Dec 2009, 14:47

Great question! I read across all genres, but especially science fiction, fantasy, and lots of literary fiction. So far, I've written science fiction and fantasy, some of it with literary style prose.
Marilyn Peake

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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby Chopsy » 09 Dec 2009, 15:44

I read pretty much anything and everything so the answer is yes but only by default.
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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby Herema » 09 Dec 2009, 16:48

Great question.

What I read is not what I write, mostly. But, what I read inspires what I write. Read: Greek Philosophy, biblical studies, dictionaries, "on writing" books, and some light casual reading just to relax. Write: fantasy adventure, paranormal, children's, and some sci fi.
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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby D. G. Hudson » 09 Dec 2009, 18:22

I'm one of those writers that read and write in the same genres (science fiction 1st, crime/suspense/mystery 2nd, women's fiction 3rd). Always have been a science fiction fan and have read most of the great authors. I also read literary works, when they appeal to me.

I also have an interest in paranormal but not in the teen or YA categories - mostly in short stories, rather than novels.

If I had to pick one - I'd say science fiction suspense is my favorite.
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Re: Do you write the same genre you read?

Postby ElisabethMoore » 09 Dec 2009, 19:00

While I am mindful of Nathan's warnings about genre hopping, I am still exploring my writing voice and genres. I figure I can settle down when/if I successfully land an agent. I read widely in any case, but also make a point of picking up a half dozen or so recently published books in any genre I am considering writing in and studying those. At the moment I am slowly (1-2 chapters per week) analyzing the structure of an urban fantasy novel on my blog from a writer's point of view. I am considering picking up the pace on that deconstruction after the holidays, however.

So back to the question, yes I write in the genres I read or, more accurately, make a point of reading in genres I think I would like to write in.
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