How does this work?

Critique partners are worth their weight in gold. So (checking financial page) like $20,000 a pound.
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How does this work?

Post by schtruklyn » June 5th, 2017, 6:56 pm

No, seriously, how does this work? I send my 100 000 words novel to someone? Please explain, thanks. Please explain, because I'm new to writing, and could really use someone to critique me! Oh, I break every single rule :D
1) "The very first sentence of the very first chapter must be a killer!" Yup, I break this. Too... holywood advertising?
2) "If you don't catch the reader's attention in the first 100 words, all is lost!" Well... I describe scenery and introduce four key characters on ten pages. Maybe 4 sentences spoken. You get into it... Then... You're ready for the dialogues! For the next ten pages. Big ones... Yup, broken that one, too.
3) "Show, don't tell. Consequently, evade adjectives and adverbs!" And what if i show, don't tell, using exactly these?
So yeah, I could use a critic!
But... How do we do this exactly? I'm not trolling... I could really use a clear, bright head, to possibly set me in my place, because I am really just entering this all. The writing thing... I'm a classically inclined fellow...
So... How?
Thanks and cheers :D

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