Synopsis for Lethen

Ugh. You got stuck writing a synopsis. Help is on the way.
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Synopsis for Lethen

Post by Paulo Magalhaes » September 7th, 2014, 1:00 pm

As some of might have noticed, I've been pestering the Town hall with my kickstart attempt at publishing my book. Being the stubborn but unconfident penniless writer that I am, I tend to love and hate every paragraph I write. I love it, but then I’m not satisfied.
The synopsis, however, I hate. Period. No matter how I write it, no matter who writes it or who praises it. I hate it just for being a synopsis. Still, as someone who wants to improve his style and writing capabilities, I believe that it’s not shameful to ask for a bit of help, or at least, an opinion.

"The story of Lethen takes place in a continent comprised of many kingdoms but the focus of the story so far takes us to the kingdom of Lethen, currently engaged in war with Gradrom, Lethen’s enemy for little more than a few decades, and Arvalis, the remainder of the ancient kingdom of magic. Lethen – The House of Arganos describes the story of the kingdom through the point of view of Allania, a young noblewoman exiled in the Island of Draguum who is rescued by Lethenian soldiers and mercenaries from a Gradromian invasion of the island. Obviously, the Lethenians did not rescue her out of kindness of their hearts. Allania has a vital role for the survival of the kingdom and they will stop at nothing to see it fulfilled. The Lethenians in general have a healthy disrespect for life and even their religion is mostly focused on war. Chief amongst her bloodthirsty guards is the Dark Phantom, a mercenary whose reputation as a ruthless killer is not only renown but proven throughout Allania’s journey. She strives to humanize him while keeping herself untainted from his influence. A tantalizing quest, given that the latter has an uncanny ability to spite her efforts by effectively obliterating every human obstacle in his path, more often than not through displays of excessive violence. Though Allania is the main character and the story circles mostly around her, it is not exclusive to her point of view. There are other characters that get the spotlight such as Nivra, a blind Gradromian princess that has dreams of the future, or Rulph’Alar, a young mage Initiate who provides insights on Arvalis and some others whose allegiances and objectives not only make them neutral in the conflict, but indicate that there might be more interests at play than just the war between the three kingdoms."

Come, now. Give me a straight and honest opinion. I can take it.
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